J-P Network English Corp.

J-P Network English Corp. is a company that handles online business English conversation lessons. Though such companies are few in numbers worldwide, our company is making a name on the international business scene.
We manage online English conversation teachers, and provide training to business professionals for companies. We are currently providing lessons to clients in Japan and China, but there are plans to offer lessons to other non-English speaking countries in the world.

Features of J-P Network English Corporation

  • We have a lot of excellent and well-experienced instructors.
  • We have an established reputation in the recruitment, training, and management of instructors.
  • Through collaboration with us, with no great risk to your company, we can become a supplier of online English instructors for you, and you can then expand your business with minimal cost.
  • We have a stable availability of high quality instructors, because our office is in Manila, the capital of the Philippines which is the third largest English-speaking country in the world.
  • Currently we also offer customer service, and act as a call center for the students of online English conversation in Japan.

How many instructors are available and how many lessons are being held?

  • Current number of lecturers is approximately 150, but depending on request, we can provide 50 or
    more instructors per month.
    (As of February 2021)
  • 30,000 lessons are being
    held every month.
    (As of February 2021)